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Teachers,Workshops,& Performers

We are so excited to be gathering with some of the most empowered wise wombyn in the herbal world, music scene, and collaborative community! Please be patient with us as we are currently still gathering bios and workshop details from our teachers, performers,and facilitators. A BIG thank you to all the wombyn reaching out to support us with the vision- We look forward to celebrating with you all!

Rematriation Guest 
Returning To The Sacred Mother
Keynote Speaker


Rematriation is a Haudenosaunee-led, digital storytelling platform connecting Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women across Turtle Island and around the world. Rematriation  Magazine’s film series furthers the current international dialogues about dismantling social injustice, but through a spiritually grounded, Indigenous lens. As the world faces an unprecedented global crisis on so many fronts, it is imperative to center the voices Indigenous women who hold traditional knowledge about living in balance with Mother Earth, and who understand true equity, democracy and justice.


Now that our world has taken a pause, it’s time to listen and begin understanding a spiritual worldview needed for the survival of humanity.


It’s time for the voices of Indigenous women to be heard over the lands.


Learn about Rematriation and listen to the stories


Class: Friday 3 hour opening ceremony

Rematriation is a Haudenosaunee-led, digital storytelling platform connecting Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women across Turtle Island and around the world. We rematriate through Indigenous women-led, in person gatherings; online, Indigenous women-only spaces; and initiatives designed to educate the public and build allies. Rematriation is the realization of twenty years of dreaming by our Founder, Michelle Schenandoah. While riding the NYC subway as a young, Oneida woman in her early 20s, she noticed Black and Latina women enjoying magazines designed just for them. As an Indigenous woman she wondered, “Where’s my magazine?” Two decades later in 2017, Shenandoah founded Rematriation Magazine as the answer to this question. Today, Rematriation is a multi-media initiative engaging in film production, digital content creation and community engagement. Rematriation is the home of Rematriation Magazine and, most importantly, a community of Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women choosing to heal together. We continue to re-imagine the ways in which a “magazine” can shift narratives, defy stereotypes, and reflect our own experiences.. 

Nattali Rize
Musical Headliner


Ask her where she comes from, she’ll tell you “All Directions”. In line with her philosophy she claims not to belong to any nation state but to the ever evolving community of conscious thinkers and livers everywhere and anywhere in this world and realm.... Of mixed global heritage, with dominant Native American and Samoan roots, Nattali Rize is known around the world for her work fronting epic roots band Blue King Brown as well as for her unwavering commitment to using her voice and music for the global struggle toward the realization of full freedom and the movement of Truth and Justice over the systemic exploitation of the people and our planet.

The ever evolving and dynamic front woman now leads out fresh as a solo artist, with a heavy Reggae influence she describes her music as World Beat / Lyrical / New Era. Known for her high energy live performances, this highly anticipated new solo project dives into the next evolution of this multi-dimensional heartist...

Miss Imani.jpeg
Shanley Spence
Special Performer

  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Shanley Spence is a Nihithaw and Anishinaabe woman who was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A member of Mathias Colomb Cree Nation on her mother’s side, and Lake St. Martin First Nation on her father’s, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Development Studies from the University of Winnipeg.

She began her hoop dancing career at the age of 13 and has been graced with the opportunity to perform at a variety of nationwide and international events, daycare and educational institutions of all ages, conferences and interactive workshops with the Walking Wolf Singers and Dancers, Folklorama, and independently.

She has mentored in multiple community organizations and hoop dance instructed with the Sacred Seven Healthy Relationships Program, The City of Winnipeg and the Manitoba Youth Centre.

She has also served as a cultural ambassador, hosting the DOTC First Nations Pavilion in Winnipeg, and presenting motivational speaking to a wide variety of audiences.

She is also a prominent youth member of Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance in Leadership and has been a working youth member at the World Indigenous Business Forum for the past four years.

Shanley’s beliefs and passions include the importance of education, music, community development, international travel and staying active within her community with a focus on youth empowerment, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG), mental health, Indigenous activism, and basic human rights.

Her participation within her community has earned her the Top 40 Under 40 Manitoba Award for 2017, a Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award for Artistic Performance, the community champion award for volunteerism, the Anita Neville Member of Parliament Award, second runner up for Miss Indian World 2017 and other recognition from her community.

Shanley aspires to continue her growth by remaining active in her community, engaging in dialogue to share, educate and learn and to empower herself and others to become agents of change.

Mz Imani

(Asheville. North Carolina)



Mz. imani is a visionary woman whose voice, spirit and drumming has a way of weaving its way into people’s lives. As a musician and spiritual alchemist, Mz. imani blends respect for the laws of nature with deep faith in spirit’s desire for humanity to live in peace. The outcome of this combination co-creates harmony, the essential gold that the alchemists have sought through the ages.

She is the lead instigator of Conscious Collaborations, a production team that sponsors All Night Fire Circle events and local drum and dance events tp help the heart of humanity heal, One Fire At A Time.She has been playing the hand drums for nearly 20 years and has been heavily influenced by Baba Olatunji, as a person, a teacher and a spiritual being. imani has persued the spirit of the drum with Darrell Rose, Mamady Keita, the Fire Circle Community and the many children she has shared drumming with.

She is an ordained minister, and is a skilled ceremonialist. Her passion is to collaborate and sponsor Fire Circle events, called Sacred Soul Fire, nationwide. As a shamanic practitioner she consciously weaves her music into the healing matrix of the universe.

Mz. imani is an accredited teacher of Alchemical Healing, an empowerment based healing art form that was brought forth by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert. AH is a practice that relys on developing relationships with subtle forms of energy. It calls into practice all skills that experience has gifted us with and provides opportunities to deepen relationships with a team of allies including elemental forces, plant spirits and totemic animal spirits.

Zelda Hotaling

   (Albany, New York)

Class: THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH Sacred Drum Making Workshop 10AM-4PM Pre Registration needed-LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE create your own 12" drum with the guidance of Zelda

Thursday 10:00AM, Green Woman Stage

Offering Intuitive Readings Throughout the weekend

Zelda was raised in the Native American Tradition of the Haudenosaunee, on the Kahnawaka Mohawk reservation in Canada. She visited her grandmother and other elders, who were her first teachers, guiding her in the traditions and sacred ways of their people.

Her Spirit gifts include being a spiritual intuitive, spirit guided healer, author, visionary, and creator of sacred space. She uses Crystal Bowls, Drums and Rattles to promote healing through sound vibrations. In 2012 she received a profound vision that has guided her to create the Sacred Dream Circles Project.She was not told initially of the significance of her vision. After eight long years, upon the completion of 21 dream circles a grandmother from the spirit realm came to her saying, “you have now completed the 21 council of the Blue Star”.


This is a calling to all who are yearning to learn through love, kindness, respect, responsibility, equality, honesty and humility. Only by keeping to this path can we meet our responsibilities to ourselves and one another.

 Olga Tzogas

  (Rochester, New York)

Class: THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH Sacred Drum Making Workshop 10AM-4PM Pre Registration needed-LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE create your own 12" drum with the guidance of Zelda

Olga Tzogas alongside her community, created & operates Smugtown Mushrooms on traditional and occupied Haudenosaunee land, in the city of so-called Rochester NY.

Her journey with Fungi and plants started over ten years ago. Working with these allies by foraging in both urban & more wild settings, & learning to identify for food and medicine. Olga has been a member of the Rochester Area Mycological Association, CPAMC, WPAMC & the West Virginia Mushroom club.

In 2011, Smugtown Mushrooms was established because there was a need for mushrooms & growing supplies, workshops, events & community based science in her area. While learning more & embracing the never-ending, unlocked potential mushrooms & fungi have to help heal both people, planet & soul. Olga teaches workshops throughout the continent about wild mushroom identification, medicinal mushrooms, biology, and mushroom cultivation. She was a core organizer for the 2016 Radical Mycology Convergence and the MycoSymbiotics Festival from 2015-17. In 2018, Olga help co-create the New Moon Mycology Summit, a justice-focused, mycology centered event, linking many disciplines extending throughout the living world.


Marina Buksov.jpeg
Marina Buksov

(Brooklyn,New York)


We can attune to the rhythm of the larger macrocosm and nature by witnessing and honoring the cycles of our own physical body. In this class you will learn (this may require some un-learning, and perhaps re-learning) the truth about not only tracking your cycle, but understanding the phases of the cycle and how to support and optimize each. I will be sharing how lifestyle and herbs can enhance womb and reproductive health, and how the cycle can support our lifestyles. Expect some myth busting and radical self-awareness in this session!


I will be demonstrating (on myself) how you can find your abdominal pulse and practice a self-care technique in this intro to Mayan Abdominal Massage class. We will also discuss when it’s appropriate to do it, as well as when to avoid, and any other modifications. Bring a mat or blanket to lay on, and some oil or lotion for the massage.

Marina Buksov is a Functional Medicine Pharmacist (PharmD), Health Coach, Herbal Educator, and lifelong learner of the Healing Arts. She is the creator of Build Your Holistic Herbal Practice course mentoring other healthcare professionals in clinical herbal as well as business skills. She is also a Functional Medicine Pharmacist as part of PharmToTable telehealth platform.


Marina guides practitioners to rediscover their passion for medicine by expanding their mind and clinical skills to include natural, holistic, alternative and herbal medicine from which conventional pharmacy practice originated! She believes in honoring plants as food and medicine for sustainable & sovereign health.


When she is not working or studying, Marina likes to dance, paint, and tinker with various concoctions (tea blends, meals, DIY projects). She lives with her husband, two adorable kiddos and two mischievous kitties in NYC.


Connect with Marina at

Tiffany Robbins

  (Chester, Pennsylvania)


Come learn the ancient art of Moxibustion as discussed in the Huang Di Nei Jing. We will go into the history of using the herb Artemisia vulgaris and other varieties of Moxa. This is a hands-on class where you will get to work with Moxa. We will make a Moxa stick, and learn many applications and contra-indications of moxa. We will go over modern ways of using Moxibustion to treat various ailments. Moxa is a very potent herbal remedy that you should have in your arsenal. 

Tiffany Robbins is a clinical herbalist and educator. She is passionate about teaching herbal medicine. Her love for the green world encompasses natural food preparation, ethnobotany, ethical wildcrafting, fiber arts, herbal remedies, and natural perfumery.

Tiffany along with two other herbalists founded a community herb school in Philadelphia. She also teaches at herb schools and conferences across the country and does private consulting. Tiffany is a Penn State Master Gardener and Tree Tender. Tiffany’s biggest claim to fame is her family. She is happily married with three awesome children and a rambunctious cat named Tomato round out the family.


  Twila Holloway Smith

 (New Windsor, New York)


What happens in a Family Constellation?

Someone identifies a personal issue – relationship, business, children, family or health – and selects group members to represent family members or aspects of the situation. The positioning and the representatives help reveal dynamics within the family system, as representatives mysteriously take on characteristics of what needs to be seen in the field of consciousness.  The facilitator notices and points out patterns, helping the focus client to restore respect, dignity and love, especially for those who’ve been excluded or forgotten. As reconciliation is achieved, the genuine love and strength in the family can begin to flow.  Each person who attends a constellation session, whether participant, focus client or observer, can experience the profound effects of this shift.

You'll walk away with greater understanding of how your struggles are rooted in family dynamics. You'll release family burdens, gain greater freedom from old patterns, and strengthen connections.  Family Constellations create movements of the soul where previously people felt stuck.  Whether it's broken intimacy, financial failure, self-sabotage, illnesses or career struggles. These problems are rooted in family wounds and this is what Family Constellations heal.

What if I don't know what problem I wish to address?
People who attend a group constellation session may participate in several ways:
Some simply observe.
Some serve as representatives, agreeing to stand in for family members or aspects that relate to the issue that is to be explored.
A person  may volunteer to “work,” having identified an issue that he or she is ready to address.

Twila Holloway Smith MA, MS, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Veteran, Teacher and Subtle Activist. 

Practicing Appalachian Granny Witch Style herbalism in communion with the natural world.


Systemic and Family Constellation Facilitator Trained in Seeing With Your Heart/Act With Your Heart Programs with Dan Booth Cohen, PhD, and Emily Blefeld LCSW from 2016-2019, Systemic and Family Constellation Facilitator training with Francesca Mason Boring in 2018. And Herbalist Uprising with Anna Cohen and Emily Blefeld in 2017.  


Gentle Tarot Reader since 2001 using Tarot of the Old Path

Studied Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl and Kelly Woodruff in 2007.

Lifespan Sexuality Educator since 2012 and Special Education middle school teacher since 2003.

 Twila will use a variety of modalities to tune into your field of consciousness, and illuminate hidden dynamics that may be keeping you from living your fullest life, while restoring balance and harmony.     (845) 325-1798

            Kathleen Mugnolo              
(Rochester, New York)

This session is for everyone! Together we will explore the importance of community through
the lens of postpartum care. We are physiologically designed to need each other, as our health
and vitality are inherently linked to the quality o
f community support we receive. A key for us
to step from a culture of survival into a thriving people is to create environments that facilitate
the development of healthy nervous systems. The postpartum period offers us a great
opportunity for this work. Here in the United States, most new mothers and families do not
receive proper postpartum care, which gives rise to physical and mental illness. Coming
together to ensure the health and vitality of our postpartum families is a critical element in this
Great Turning toward thriving life. Join me as we explore the impact that the reclamation and
application of proper postpartum care will have on the world.

Join me in circle with song and story. Being witnessed is a crucial aspect to our development,
healing, and belonging. Let's gather in love and share our experience of birth. Please come and
lay your story down and allow this circle the honor holding you in your evolution as a mother.
Please bring with you anything that will allow you to settle into the space. This is a time to be

Kathleen is a mother of three children ages 23, 11, and 9, which she considers her highest
credential. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in English Lit, she
continued to educate herself through intensive trainings and life experience that truly fed her.
Kathleen's current official title is Professional Childbirth Consultant, Family Advocate, and
Herbal Educator. Those close to her call her a Community Witch, and was recently honored
with a client referring to her as an "Organic Therapist." Putting her money where her mouth is,
Kathleen has invested time and resource into her own therapy and inner work equivalent to an
academic degree. Her education includes various doula trainings, the most impactful having
been with Whapio of The Matrona. Kathleen is an alumni of the herbal apprenticeship program
at Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials, completed Aviva Romm's invaluable Herbal
Medicine for Women course, and is currently diving into the wealth of information offered by
The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She is also a trained Montessori Teacher and a Certified
Innate Postpartum Care Provider. Kathleen believes that honoring the physiology of the
pregnant, birthing, and postpartum body is key to our healing as a culture, and that this
physiologic map can be foun
d held by indigenous people and the culture keepers that trace us
all back to our alignment with the planet. If you ask Kathleen what is her passion she will say,
"villaging, because this is where we need to return."

Alexis Kegal

 (Boulder, Colorado)

Class 1: Relationship Synarchy

Class 2:Unitive Justice Workshop


Alexis has been defying the bounds of her own reality for years. Aiming to create a realm in which she is the weaver of her own web along with collaborating to build a community of like minded individuals with the goal of existing outside the societal norms, she truly believes that with the right intention. energy, and persistence we can thrive in a world that supports one another and is in unity. Alexis' has been a co creator for Unify events, a platform where the healing arts and music merge in a festival setting. Along with collaborating on the star tribe alliance vision. She currently resides in Colorado and is actively involved in the healing arts,music, and dance community around Denver. 



Tonya Lemos

 (Ashfield, Masschusetts)


 For 20 years Tony(a) Lemos has been the Director and principal instructor for the Blazing Star Herbal School.  She has been offering a year long apprenticeship in  Beginner/Intermediate Herbal Studies as well as a more advanced year long program in Therapeutic Herbalism. Blazing Star also offers popular classes in ceremonial plant work, plant immersions and related topics.  In addition Tony(a) is a well-known lecturer on plant medicine and current herbal medicine topics, a published writer, community herbalist, ecological activist and beloved mentor. Tony(a) has trained many apprentices who use their training for their own health and well-being and that of family and friends. In addition,  an unusual number of her apprentices have built or expanded practices based on the knowledge they gained at Blazing Star, which has changed the healing landscape of Western Mass. Some of these herbal practitioners have returned to collaborate with Tony(a) and others have launched independent ventures.


IMG_8135 (1).jpg
    Juliana Rose Goldstone
  (Brattleboro, Vermont)



Join Entheo-Mama Juliana Rose Goldstone for a discussion on mothering on the medicine path. 

Many mothers are turning to the ancient wisdom of entheogens to support them in showing up as a mother in the ways that they know in their hearts is possible.

The mycelial world and psilocybin in particular has so much to teach us about mothering. 

In this class Juliana will teach about: 

The importance of attunement and co-regulation and what the mycelial world can teach us about this

How to tap into the mycelial intelligence of you own body so that you can provide a sturdy scaffolding for your child’s developing nervous system

Decolonizing attachment theory co-regulating with the more-than-human world so that you can parent in the ways our hearts know is possible.

Working with entheogens to clear ancestral trauma and heal your lineage so that you can raise your children with more love and compassion. 

Some of her favorite protocols and recipes for incorporating entheogens into motherhood. 


Mushrooms are so much more than just another supplement. They are an intelligence, a blueprint for right relationship with ourselves and our world, and they are the nervous system of the forest.


Juliana is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator and Integration Coach. She works at the intersection of psychedelics, mothering, sexuality and conscious relationship coaching. The name of her practice is Boldly Embodied and she believes that both psychedelics and sexuality can offer portals into how to live fully and boldly embodied in our relationship to self and others. She is passionate about creating ethical bridges between the psychedelic and sexuality spaces as a form of harm reduction. She offers private coaching and carefully curated programs for individuals, couples and groups.  To find out more about Juliana’s work please visit


   Maria Anderson

(Painted Post, New York) 

Class: CHAKRA PAINTING CLASS- This is an unique approach to connecting with your Chakra systems health and vitality. Our paint brush becomes like a pendulum-each brushstroke creates an energetic representation of our Chakra. In this class you are provided: *Guided Meditation *Affirmation to support your chakra center *In-depth information about your Chakra *Supplies to create your own Chakra Painting


Maria is an Intuitive,Author,Teacher,Nurse Wellness Facilitator,and Owner of Manifestations NY Mataphysical/Wellness Shop in Painted Post NY. She has been a nurse for over 18 years and blends her knowledge of the medical world and Holistic Modalities to aid people on their wellness journey to healing Body,Mind,& Spirit.



 (Elmira, New York)

Class :SRI YANTRA ART MEDITATION:  Calm the mind, elevate the soul, and dive into your inner Divinity! The Sri Yantra is a form of sacred geometry that is regarded as the Divine Mother. The energy of this yantra transforms negativity into positivity and can have a profound effect upon the person who draws, paints, or meditates on it.  In the midst of the market, we will be offering a unique Sri Yantra Coloring Meditation- you will receive a pre-drawn card with affirmations, so all you need to do is bring your creativity and willingness to discover the beauty and power of this ancient meditation tool.  


Karunavidravad Dasi is a devotee of Paramahamsa Vishwananda currently living in Elmira, New York. The arts have always played an important role in her spiritual path; she formally studied drawing and painting before finding the practice of devotional arts, in which she now practices and leads courses. 



Yasmin Rashid

(Ithaca, New York)

Class Description: Come Join Yasmin and learn about the local social justice climate, antiracism, and allyship. In this class we will discuss the lines that exist in the relationship building between advocates outside and within the affected communities. Questions like effective allyship in this day and age. breaking and crossing barriers in this current state of social justice, some of the ways allyship is best utilized in underserved communities, and crossing racial/socio-economic lines to be a voice for others. 

Yasmin Rashid is the UPI Board Vice President. She enjoys speaking life, compassion, and understanding into the hearts of those she meets. Yasmin's gift of expression through words has paved the way for her to be a talented writer, public speaker and community mediator. Her ability to captivate those her words touch allows her activism to reach new heights with each and every conversation. Yasmin's enthusiasm for healing the traumas faced by her community perfectly aligned her with UPI.

Contact Yasmin:




 Rennee Guidelli

 (Wellsburg, New York)

Renée Guidelli is a Wholistic Healing practitioner specializing in Shamanic Healing, Soul Coaching and Intuitive Development through her Heart Centered Living organization which was founded back in 2006 and now operates out of an 1869 Gothic Revival Church in Wellsburg NY. 

Serving her community with her Heart Centered  practices, tools, classes, products and techniques for the last 20+ years, Renée guides individuals and groups to open their heart, ignite their passion inside and live a life of courage, grace, ease and joy. She has co-authored a book and life organization system called the HIVE plan for Business owners and stay at home work mom’s who are in need of more balance in their life personally and professionally. HIVE stands for Heart, Insights, Vision and Energy. Renée’s main focus these days is weaving the stories of the ancient temple practices of days gone by into our modern day life with a focus on music, song, celebrations and the ways of the Goddess where she holds regular Temple Teachings, Rituals, and 1:1 Woman Spirit Rising Sessions to clear, heal and transmute the original Mother Wound. 

You can check out both her personal website at and as well.


Sarah Kelsen.jpeg
 Sarah Kelsen

(Ithaca, New York)


Class 1:PLANT IDENTIFICATION WALK: This is a chance to walk the land and learn to identify every day plants and weeds and learn of their medicinal benefits. The goal is to teach you the basics to begin to start using the medicine that may be waiting for you right in your back yard.


Sarah is a mama of 3 and a medicine woman for many.She has studied with multiple herbalists throughout the years and has taught classes at herbal gatherings. 

Nell Tomassen Reboh.jpeg
 Nell Tomassen Reboh

(Unadilla, New York)

Class 1: NEW PARADIGM MULTI-DIMENSIONAL TRANSFORMATION - This is a unique approach to connecting with the Divine energies of love that surround you and embracing healing and self empowerment. 


Nell Tomassen Reboh Facilitates: NPMDT Basic Master & Basic Master Teacher

Passionate about sharing the gifts of being, allowing and beaming the Love we are in essence, I founded E-l’xr in 2010, to promote heart centered living in conscious, co-creative partnerships. E-l'xr (Eternal Love eXemplified Resonance) is a ministry of Light, that provides vibrational remedies with the use of gemstones, in service to humanity, Mother Earth and all life forms.
Services and products offered today are:

  • birth & rebirth doula services

  • individual energy therapy sessions, couples, parent/child, animal/owner and group sessions

  • a line of gem-elixirs channeled from Source

  • New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation workshops


Kate Halliday.jpeg
Kate Halliday

(Horseheads, New York)


Class 1:ELDERBERRY MAKING WORKSHOP: In this workshop we will be learning how to make the immune boosting magic- Elderberry syrup. For the past five years this syrup has been my specialty and has helped a ton of families within my network keep their immunity boosted and has assisted IMMENSELY through this most recent epidemic, Covid.  I love sharing knowledge and educating anyone willing to learn!!  I have taught classes previously (baking, infusions and crocheting/knitting), but this will be my first Elderberry Syrup class! 


Kate Halliday owns a small business named Mama Kate's Kitchen.  She makes a variety of products including Elderberry products, jams and jellies, apple butter, baked goods, THC-infused treats and medicines, etc. She began making Elderberry Syrup for herself, family, and friends back in 2017 and have learned so much along the way. Kate is a single mother and runs her business completely solo.  She has a beautiful boy toddler who keeps her motivated and LOVES helping in the garden that now hosts their Elderberry trees!  Kate truly loves bringing her creations and medicine to life by combining magic, love, wisdom, education and experience.  She loves feeding her community and keeping everyone as healthy, happy and warm as possible!   and am honored to share my knowledge!


Kelli Farrell.jpeg
Kelli Farrell

 (Ithaca, New York)

Class 1:MENEPAUSAL YEARS: Inspired by Susan Weeds book  "Menopausal Years-The Wise Woman's Way"  She inspires to open dialog to banish stigmas and share ways to ease and prepare for your transformation.


Kelli Farrell is a seeker of wellness & wisdom in the isles of GreenStar and the forests of South Hill.She has led multiple girl circles for tweens and teens in the Ithaca community. She's now offer circles for the queenage years.


Lisa Trent

(Ithaca, New York)

Class: ACRO YOGA: This class will provide an introduction to Acro Yoga including lunar basics (therapeutic partner facilitated stretching) and solar series basics (more dynamic “flying” which includes L-basing, counter balances and inversions).  Acroyoga helps build flexibility, balance and strength in your body as well as improving communication, concentration and trust building.  No partner necessary.


Instructor(s): Lisa and Gina are part of Acrolette - an Acro Yoga duo that has taught and performed intermittently over the last decade at various local music events, workshops,  festivals, burlesque shows and weddings.


  Rochelle Baca

(Bath, Maine)


Rochelle will lead us together on a sacred plant cannabit spa journey. We will gather together as Divine Women. We will honor one another with sacred plants as we cleanse and anoint and heal each other. We will take this sacred time to focus on hands, faces, feet, and heart.We will partner up and be guided on a hands on journey that requires each of us to participate. The power of touch and hands on healing is needed and beyond necessary to keep and hold onto our ancestors traditions. We feel them and they feel us. We will start with our hands and work our way to our hearts. Together combining the healing powers of Sacred Plant Cannabis with other herbs and oils to provide a relaxing, empowering, rejuvennating Sacred Plant Cannabis healing class.

Rochelle Baca is a traditional herbalist and teacher. Born and raised in California, Rochelle began her relationship with herbalism in her teens, diving into books by Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed and the comprehensive guide prescription for nutritional healing. Learning about the human body and how it functions better with eating Whole Foods and utilizing herbs in our everyday life. Inspired by activists and advocates Jack Herer and Ed Rosenthel, Rochelle’s spiritual journey with cannabis medicine heightened her awareness that there were medicinal benefits in all plants. As she tries to decrease the stigma that has grown around cannabis due to reefer madness, she teaches simplistic, traditional medicine making techniques with cannabis and all other sacred plants. After taking herbalism classes being offered at a community college near where she lived in New York, she saw the need for community awareness about herbs. She gathered together a circle of people to learn from Roasemary Gladstar’s “Science and Art of Herbalism.” Not being enough, Rochelle Mae treks to Sage Mountain to learn from Rosemary Glaadstar and Rocio Alcarón.


After moving to Maine in 2016 Rochelle published an article on cannabis in Essential Herbal Magazine. In addition to teaching the “Science and Art of Herbalism” at Rosemary Gladstar’s Invitation, Rochelle continues to depend her spiritual connection with Cannabis, working with clients, making Sacred Plant Cannabis Medicine, and teaching others about the healing energy of this powerful plant ally and how they can make their own medicine.


Rochelle has been teaching Sacred PlantCannabis Medicine Making classes throughout the Northeast, including at Margi Flints Earthsong Herbals in Marblehead, MA. Rochelle has taught at the New Englands Women’s Herbal Conference and Intensives at the healing power of Cannabis conference. 


Rochelle, along with having studied with Rosemary Gladstar has taken classes with many well known herbalists to nurture her quest for knowledge including, Anne Marie Tedeschi (Infinite Roots Herbal Creations), Megan Browns (Harvest Moon Herbals),Helen Ward (Sage Mountain, Three Springs Farm),Nancy Phillips (Heartsong Farm),and Margi Flint (Earthsong Herbals). Rochelle has furthered her education learning from Melanie Rose Scofield of Earthwalk School Of Herbal Traditions-where she earned her Advanced Herbal Studies Certificate. In addition, Rochelle has studied Shamanic Techniques with Dr. Rocio Alarcón, Director of the Iamoe Center in Ecuador, who’s encouragement has facilitated Rochelles sharing her Sacred Plant Medicine wisdom with a wider audience.


Rochelle continues to speak and write and hopes a book will be in her future.

   Andrea Rose

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)



Andrea Rose owns and operates Honey Rose Botanicals, a sustainable skincare & herbal remedy business located on the outskirts of Philadelphia. She is a community herbalist & educator who creates low waste, nourishing remedies with fresh garden grown or wild foraged botanicals and sustainably sourced ingredients.Her mission is to reconnect people with plants while honoring the cycles of the seasons and inspiring people to leave no trace.

Andrea Reisen

(Wallace,New York)

Class: Growing Medicinal Herbs and Mushrooms. How to start your own herb farm and herbal medicine enterprise.  With over 30 years of experience, you will learn from the best.  From growing, to product making to marketing herbs, Andrea shares her wealth of knowledge. 


Part 1 for beginners and intermediate growers/ gardeners who want to learn about plant medicine cultivation and to expand their growing capacity and gardens. 

Part 2 for advanced growers/gardeners wanting to take their love of plant medicine to next level and make a livelihood. 

Andrea Reisen is the co-creator of a 30-acre farm is located in the hamlet of Wallace, near Avoca, in the beautiful Finger Lakes of western New York. The farm is a dream come true for her family. 


Their collective goal has always been to live a simple, gentle, fun-filled life on the land, raising a family in harmony with all of creation. They have been blessed to be caretakers of this land since 1982, raising our five children here, and now two of our grandchildren live here with their Mom and Uncle Bill.  We believe by working the land organically and biodynamically, being in rhythm with the land, we are able to harvest the very finest quality, high-energy medicinal herbs. We make teas, tinctures (extracts), salves, creams, infused oils, liniment, and flower essences with these herbs.  Andrea and her husband, Matthias believe- We take care of the land and the land takes care of us."

The plant world offers us an abundant array of gifts allowing us to take ownership of our own healing.  These gifts don’t just apply to our physical selves however,  the healing energy of plants also affects our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.  Plants have been used for centuries to enhance spirituality and our awareness of our connection to all life.  Used properly herbs can become cherished travel companions as you walk your sacred path.


"The plants really do love us. They want to take care of us. They want to help us. They just wait for us to come. They open this store-house of health for us, that we can't even imagine."
                                      -Andrea Reisen

Serenna cropped (1).jpg
  Serenna L. McCloud

(Ithaca, New York)

Class: HOT PROCESS SOAP MAKING:Serenna is offering a hands-on course in hot process soap craft where attendees will learn the rudiments of hot process and leave with a ready to use bar of amazingly invigorating and refreshing soap.

Serenna L. McCloud is a native Ithacan, mother of two boys, herbalist, gardener, soapmaker and local attorney practicing in the areas of real estate, trusts and estates, and business law.  Her soap company is called IHW Soapcraft. She is a long-time practitioner of Kundalini yoga and meditation.  Serenna’s healing journey also has included ecstatic dance at the Foundation of Light.  She is very proud to count herself among those in the lineage of Rosemary Gladstar through her completion of an herbalism apprenticeship with Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials. 

      Kara ApotheKara   
(Ithaca, New York)
Clinical Herbalism: A Route to Change the Health Care Paradigm

Conscious Herbs: The Abundance of Plants to Support Mental Health

Kara, the clinical herbalist at Herb-Therapy, has a deep history and love of working with herbs. First introduced to wild herbs in the meadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico over 20 years ago, she began eating wild foods, identifying and gathering medicinal herbs.  From these initial experiences, a lifelong herbalist was born! She has apprenticed with several herbalists and organic growers across the US and Canada including The National Center for Preservation of Native Medicinal Herbs in Rutland, Ohio where she studied endangered (at risk) native medicinal herbs.  She completed a 4-year Clinical Herbalist program at Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, Canada with over 500 clinic hours working in herbal consultation clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto.  

Following a desire to truly understand human physiology and then pathology she continued her studies, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Science as a Physician Assistant, both at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.  Since graduating she has worked at a hospital in Syracuse with multiple physicians and surgeons covering Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic, and Vascular Surgery services. Currently, she works as a health care provider at Cornell University. She organized an Herbal Pharmacy at the Cornell Health Pharmacy with local herbal tea blends promoting nutritive support and the health of students. She offers herbal education opportunities for students, staff, and faculty at Cornell University. She has also worked with Dr. Nasri Ghaly at an integrative psychiatric practice in Syracuse, NY specializing in herbal therapeutics, vitamin deficiencies, and lifestyle changes as an integrative approach to mental health.  In October 2011 she created ApotheKara, an herbal apothecary and herbal care consultant services in Ithaca, NY. She offered the community the highest quality local herbs, exotic herbal blends, and teas but closed the doors to the in-person apothecary in 2013. She specializes in herbal health care, education, and consultation and continues private consultation services. She utilizes her knowledge in both medical and herbal pharmacology, herbal therapeutics, and herbs as nutrients to treat each client with a unique approach specific to their needs and desires.  She has a solid understanding of both western medicine and herbal therapy. Herbs hold ancient nutrients when introduced into the body may create profound support of the body system or organs in need of care; giving daily nourishment to attain vitality and health. Herbs are the ancient food group! Kara feels local plants provide the highest quality herbal therapeutics and also hopes to keep local economies thriving through initiatives to help people become herbal growers. For More Information visit:


  Neko Three Sixty

(Ithaca, New York)

Class: SUNDAY:Sexual Empowerment-Embracing pleasure and releasing shame. Learning how to embody pleasure with in ourselves

Neko Three Sixty is a multi-faceted diamond witch devoted to the path of the alchemical marriage; where our opposites (like pain and pleasure, good and evil, separate and oneness) are equally held with divine reverence, so that our suffering within and without may be transmuted into gratitude, deep learning, playful awareness and magic in action! 

She has decades (and lifetimes) of experience and deeply studied and practiced Tantrika, RYT-1000 yoga teacher, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Herbalist, Tarot + Astrology, and Psychic healer. 

For more info on what services, classes and events she offers go to

 Miraanda Joy

(Ithaca, New York)


Miraanda Joy 

Sandy Gypsy Truth

(Hornell, New York)


Class: Beginner-Intermediate Yoga Classes Through Out The Weekend

Sandy has been practicing yoga for seven years. She started on this pathway as a tool to help her recover postpartum and to help her heal from PTSD. During this journey, as she has incorporated yogic ways into her daily life, she has found more than she could have hoped for! Finding self-love, mindfulness, and a deeper connection with what speaks to her heart, Sandy continues on her journey to help empower and envoke self-love and healing in others; she desires that everyone learns to find peace and tranquility through letting go and embracing the warrior within for the good of love and light.

Sandy is a certified advanced 500

Hour yoga teacher specializing in vinyasa , kundalini , trauma informed , lunar wisdom , enneagram, and power yoga. She is also a certified reiki master, licensed cosmetologist, certified in botanical medicine. She offers herbal first aid and support for those suffering from emotional trauma, is an advocate for awareness in domestic violence and the owner and creator of For Claudia's Sayke herbal skin care , and leather clothing company of “Alien Ambassadors”

Sandy offers an array of services as she travels to music festivals , her home town yoga studio at Keuka peaceful roots and private sessions . She also is a proud mother of four children whom three she homeschools and her oldest claudias that has blessed her with a granddaughter Evellan Sparrow .

Debbie with Goldenrod.jpg
Debbie Biltonen

(Ithaca, New York)


Class: Exploring Plantain 

Some call it the ‘band-aid’ plant but Plantain is oh-so-much more. Come explore this very common and abundant plant to see the diverse ways it can be used.  From head to tail, we will discuss the healing properties and understand why this herb was known as life medicine. After this class, I bet you’ll never look at this plantain the same way again. 

For over 30 years, Debbie has devoted her adult life to sharing her knowledge of the natural world and it’s magical alchemy by teaching environmental education programs in New York, Maine and Georgia, classes, workshops, her blog “I Just Gotta Share,” and simply talking with anyone curious about nature. Her love and wonder of the natural world and how we can harness its magic shines through in everything she does.

Her passion and curiosity for the natural world started as a child wandering her family’s land with her dog, foraging berries, and making tea from Black Birch stems. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge started her journey to formalize her education through field biology courses, living with and learning the cultural ecology of the Arawak people in Guyana, an apprenticeship at Heartstone Herbal School, to Ecuador with Rocío Alarcón on her ancestral land, as well as attending numerous herbal conferences, workshops, and of course never-ending herbal studies.

Debbie co-owns Know Your Roots, with her husband, Mike, providing classes and consultations along with a product line created from the herbs that grow on their land. She is a lifelong tree hugger and earth worshiper who believes sharing wisdom is paramount to a healthy and thriving community.

   Raven Heart

(Cleveland, Ohio)


Raven Heart is a grief ceremonialist and grief recovery specialist offering workshops, retreats, and 1-on-1 sessions. 

She facilitates earth-based spiritual ceremonies and rituals to honor our grief: to sit with, dance with, breathe with, move with, lie with, communicate with, be with, open to and heal our grief. 

She is trained in the Grief Recovery Method, which offers deep exploration of grief with precise directions and techniques for providing healing and closure as we move through our grief experiences. 

She is a certified shamanic ecotherapy guide, trained in advanced facilitation of 

nature-based spiritual practices through my years of study with Elizabeth E. Meacham, PhD. 

She has trained in ecopsychology and ecological leadership through the year-long Ecological Leadership Program at Lake Erie Institute, in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more about my work at:

 Hilary Kimball

(Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand)

Class 1: Introduction to Feminine Embodiment & The Jade Egg 


In this educational workshop will discuss different ways to connect and create a new relationship with your sensuality and yoni by learning all about the jade egg and holistic sexuality practices.  


These practices are beautiful ways to deeply and safely cultivate your feminine and sexual energies for healing, connection, pleasure awakening, increased strength, sensitivity, and health of the pelvic floor, personal empowerment, and so much more. 

Class 2: Yoni Hour 

Yoni Hour is an embodiment class where we will spend an hour in devotion, connection and loving presence with our yoni and breasts/heart.


In Yoni Hour we use the combination of breath, movement, sound, awareness and gentle self touch directed specifically towards the yoni and heart/breasts.  This grounds in a connection with your sexual center from the inside out, which deepens connection and cultivates a new relationship with your yoni and sensuality.


Hilary has been teaching Yoni Hour for years in The Jade Temple where it is the most popular class.  Women often say that nurturing themselves in these ways leaves them feeling revitalized, balanced, nourished, empowered, grounded and connected from the inside out.

Hilary is a trauma-informed holistic sexuality mentor & educator, pleasure activist, facilitator of Sacred Feminine courses, retreats & trainings online and around the world, jade egg specialist, founder of The Jade Temple, a women's center in Koh Phangan, Thailand, yoga teacher, lover of life, and seeker of Truth.



Tammy Huckabone 

(Keene Valley, New York)

Class: Morning Plant Walk, identifying plants and discussing their uses. Q&A platform. 

Herbs for dogs: Learn plant medicine that can help mans best friend

Tammy Huckabone is an herbalist, teacher, writer, animal lover and adventurer, who splits her time between the Adirondack Mountains and sunny Florida. Tammy’s herbal path began when she was a young woman first inspired by her Mom with MS and a kitty with FIV. She is grateful for training under phenomenal plant and spiritual teachers. She loves connecting people and animals to plants in sickness and in health


Alexis Guinn 

(Painted Post, New York)

Alexis is a human woman. She's been told that she's "good at stuff" but she's really not sure what the stuff is or even if it's true that she is good at it. Still, she enjoys the confidence boost as she maneuvers through life fucking around & finding out. She enjoys puzzles & making everything she does a puzzle, oftentimes making things convoluted & weird. She collects the pieces through her senses & arranges them into her perception, forever chasing the big picture of meaning. With a mind for pattern recognition, Alexis sorts all the pieces into boxes & then burns the boxes because she doesn't like boxes. Sometimes the pieces go up in the flames, sometimes they transform into something else. Alexis doesn't control the fire, nor the pieces. She just observes the burn while the bigger picture goes up in smoke. She inhales the smoke and gets high...


Alexis is the "feral housewife" at the Hearth & Heart homestead. She has been brewing kombucha for over three years and has independently studied and practiced herbology for almost as long. Crafting is in her nature, and nature is her craft. In recognition, appreciation, & gratitude of the land of abundance that surrounds us, her Spirit-guided mission with Hearth & Heart is to share that abundance with others through a variety of handmade products crafted with the intention of holistic wellness & eco-friendliness in everything she creates. Hearth & Heart is still at its budding stage of development with a vision to grow into something beautiful and Alexis feels incredibly fortunate and honored to continue building her knowledge and network while following this purposeful path.


Laura Hully 

(Ithaca, New York)

Class : Fire-Cider Make & Take -

Fire Cider is an ancient herbal tonic used to increase immunity, help with digestion, congestion, and to warm the body from the inside-out. Fresh ingredients (local when possible) and jars will be provided. Just bring a willingness to learn and chop! I will cover the science and spirituality (as well as history) behind this tonic while we work to make it together. All ages welcome (children's safety knives will be available, adult supervision not provided). 

Class: Elderberry Gummies & Herbal Journals (for Children & Adults) -

First, we will learn the fun process of making tasty and immune-boosting sugar-free elderberry gummies! (Yes! You get to taste & take some too!) Then, while they are setting, we will explore the local landscape and collect medicinal plants for our Herbal Journals! Every participant will leave with a beautiful & useful herbal journal that they can add to over time; complete with specimen collection envelopes and plant usage information! 


Hully has had a life-long love affair with plants and natural medicine. As a child, she would wander the woods and fields collecting species to bring back home for identification and herbal use - "potion-making," as she called it. She got a bachelor’s in Environmental Science and her Master’s in Early Childhood Education: hoping to always help connect children with the magic of nature, as she experienced in her own childhood. 

When she became a mother she dabbled in natural medicine for her family and taught natural childbirth classes locally. As fate would have it, one of her own five beautiful daughters, Wren, was poisoned by lead as a baby in 2016 and Laura felt called to a greater purpose when doctors had no answers. The last several years of her life have been a flurry of education in epigenetics, functional medicine, nutrition, herbalism, and aromatherapy. Laura is a certified aromatherapist, certified wellness life coach, certified functional nutritionist, and holds a certificate in plant medicine from Cornell. Wren is mostly recovered from the damaging effects of the lead, but Laura’s journey is just beginning! She opened her practice as a holistic health consultant in 2018 and is passionate about specializing in women’s and children’s health issues (often overlooked by allopathic medicine) of autoimmune, toxicity recovery (mold, heavy metals, Lymes, etc), and hormonal balance/fertility. Keep a close eye out for her next adventure: an herbal apothecary & consult shop, Wren’s Herbal Emporium, opening locally in 2023!


 Lexie Skye

(Ithaca, New York)

Class: Natural Dyeing with plants

I'm so excited and thankful to offer you a class in natural dyeing! This teaching will introduce you to simple dyeing tech using kitchen scraps, think peels and pits! We will go over basic dye brews and mordants.. much love, see you soon! 

 Lexie Skye is a fiber artist. She crochets, knits, spins, and fools around with natural dyeing and eco printing, design knitwear, and loves to share the craft with others. Her  passion runs deep into creating organic & sustainable made clothing



Alais Clay

     (Costa Rica)


Alais Clay is a multidimensional artist, activist, and co-founder of StarTribe Alliance, and Impact Elements Consulting & Media.  She has a background in multi-media design & holistic arts.  Alais is a passionate advocate for conscious re-villaging, decolonization & building strong resiliency networks. She works to help empower individuals and communities through consciously-crafted music lyrics, videos, education and events.   

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, raised in Miami, FL and based in Colorado, Alais  works with a wide array of musical influences, global artists & producers to create a signature discography of conscious hip hop frequencies rooted in planetary stewardship.    

Alais began recording and playing shows in 2007 and released her debut album, 'Reverse Hypnosis' on 11.11.11, which gained popularity with her song, Deadly Rain, making a powerful commentary on the repercussions of a growing “military-industrial/-pharmaceutical-and-agricultural-complex”.  She has since played events with acts such as  KRS-1, Immortal Technique, Ziggy Marley, Bizzy Bone, Wu Tang, and has expanded into the ever-growing music-festival scene.  Her music themes range from socio-political deconstruction, to spiritual/mystical experience, to deeply personal reflections through her own awakening and evolving process. Each album echoes a cry to observe the current state of our planet, and take personal and collective responsibility for a next evolution of consciousness. Because of the nature of her message, Alais has established a name for herself amongst the liberty-movement community and her music has been featured in documentaries, marches, protests and activism-oriented events in the US and abroad.  

Alais has released 3 albums, 4 eps, and is currently working on a new series of EP’s including Resurfacing part II & Homeostasis. She has a strong catalog of collaborations with other conscious hip hop artists including long-time friends in the movement, Freedom Movement, Mike Wird, and Steve Grant.

“My musical interests vary from different hip hop styles, to EDM, rock, blues, latin, classical…. I am always looking for unique producers to work with and other inspiring artists to collaborate with.”


Sister Stone.jpeg
 Sister Stone

(Hudson Valley, New York)

Sister Stone offers her sexy, soulful, 90's feel, R&B and hip-hop music to spread messages of reverence and praise for our Earth and honor our individual and collective healing, as a way to reconnect with ourselves as Nature.

With over 20k monthly Spotify listeners, a 22k+ total following on IG, 7 released tracks under her belt and a collaboration with world renowned Chilean producer, Rodrigo Gallardo, Sister Stone is taking the world by storm, all in under 2-years as a solo artist.

Her music invokes a remembrance we are water, we are Earth - to inspire our reciprocal relationship with our world.

Born & raised in Metro-Detroit, Sister Stone is a gifted jazz, neo-soul vocalist & rapper who dedicated her youth years to vocal training, performing with choirs, and playing in bands. The stage has been her home since the age of 3 and she was born a natural performer, alluring and magnetizing crowds with her sassy, sweet and fierce spresence.

Sister Stone has opened for Londrelle, Climbing Poetee, Lyla June, played the main stage of Lucidity Festival 2019, performed as a main act of Bioneers 2-years in a row and continues to grow into her solo music career. 

Gaia Experiment

(Boulder, Colorado)

 This is (y)our band. Just by being incarnate in this laboratory, you are contributing. How far you go with your participation and how you choose to design your unique variable is up to you~~~
"The Creator first experimented with biological creativity on Earth, which is the physical location with the potential to simultaneously hold nine dimensions in its intelligence. Gaia is the intelligence of Earth, and she is a more powerful being than you can imagine. Notice where the (Cosmic) Party is being held. You are about to find out the purpose of Gaia's magnificent and unlimited creative powers, since she has been chosen as head scientist of the biological laboratory of the Milky Way Galaxy." -The Pleadian Agenda Barbara Hand Clow
We are here to represent a collective of those who yearn to express themselves within a shared consciousness, allow their personal flavor to become variables in this experiment of Gaia's will, and synchronize our efforts into harmony, healing  
and good ol' fashion fun. We hypothesize that if we can continue to elevate our vibratory state through music, self expression and love we will collectively reach a state of being which can be maintained, sustained, and bring about a "return to The Garden." Gaia desires our experiences for her growth and continued perpetuation into evolution and our mission is to reverently collect it for her in the most colorful and open ways our humanity will allow.

Gaia's songs are constantly changing and we are always loving on new vibratory variables to mix and meld with. Gaia shows are set up as an improvisational canvas for experimentors to express their individuality and unity in a collaboration. We never know who exactly is going to show up, so anything can happen and no performance can be repeated! We look forward to the endless shifting results of the experiment, but never do we forget that this is now and each moment contains its own rhythms, sounds, and messages for our journeying. The path is here and now. Be on it.

Anna Diorio

(New York City)

Anna Margaret Diorio (Anna MD) is a multi-genre transformative artist with roots in Jazz and branches in Hip Hop. Hailing from a long lineage of Jazz musicians, Anna has a deep love for intuitive musicality which you can hear in all her artistic work. Her grandmother was Jazz singer Betty Scott who studied, sang and released an album with legendary pianist Lennie Tristano. Her father, Mark Diorio, is a guitarist and pianist who began teaching Anna how to sing Jazz standards at a very young age, igniting a lifelong passion for music and free self-expression. 


Always a poet and long-time lover of Hip-Hop, Anna’s inner rapper was unleashed while emerging from a “dark night of the soul” in college. Recovering from a 10-year epilepsy diagnosis and deep depression, music helped her heal, transforming pain into beauty. While beginning a journey of holistic wellness, mindfulness and spiritual awakening, rhymes began to flow forth and free styling came naturally. As Anna continued creating and sharing, she saw that her music had the capacity to help others heal and empower themselves, igniting the spark of her life's purpose. 


Fusing her studies in Jazz improvisation and her spirit’s need to channel messages in service of a brighter and more just world, Emceeing became a natural expression of Anna’s growth as an artist and person.

As an emcee, Anna is fierce and authentic. Under the moniker Happy Accident, she became widely known in the NYC underground Hip Hop scene for her champion-level freestyles focused on love, positivity, female empowerment, social and environmental justice, unity and spiritual growth. In 2015 she released a 6-track EP as Happy Accident, entitled “In No Sense Lost”, and several singles in the subsequent years. Performing regularly and jumping in every cypher possible, Anna honed her skills and lived submerged in the worlds of Hip Hop, Jazz and independent artistry. While in New York, Anna also worked for Bridging Education & Art Together (BEAT Global) using Hip Hop education to empower youth in underserved communities. Working with young people inspired Anna to further her own vision of using music as a tool for healing and transformation. Holding a strong commitment to building community through music, Anna created and hosted a monthly showcase, jam session and cypher called WHAT NOW? Sessions for two years before passing the torch to her co-host Dizzy SenZe and moving to Los Angeles in 2018. 


Always fearless and never hesitant to jump on stage and rock the mic, Anna had become more widely recognized in 2017 for freestyling onstage at an RA the Rugged Man concert. In a burst of inspiration, Anna flew to LA to write and record what would later become her debut album, Inner Grounds with her long-time friend, collaborator and producer SriKala. She says, “when I was making this project, it felt like my future self had come back in time to write, rap and sing through me, and now my job is to catch up with her”. 


Since then, Anna rebranded from Happy Accident to her birth name of Anna Diorio to reveal a more authentic expression of herself, raised over $8,000 via Kickstarter to bring Inner Grounds to completion, went on a deep spiritual, emotional and physical healing journey, let go of almost all her physical belongings, packed up a car and moved to Los Angeles - touring across the country with Dizzy SenZe on the way (#SheroAdventures). She has filmed 3 music videos (coming in 2020), spearheaded the #28DaysOfBars challenge to post daily freestyle videos on Instagram (January 2019 had almost 30 artists and emcees participate), completed a midwest tour with Miss Eaves (#UnapologeticAF), Released Inner Grounds (December 2018), created and facilitated multiple transformative workshops for artists, and began recording a collaborative EP with Joe Con (The Upgrade, coming in 2020). 


Anna’s next solo project will be a return to her roots in Jazz and songwriting. It will feature songs from her soul that represent a natural maturing of her creative expression. It will fuse all aspects and phases of her journey and is dedicated to authenticity, freedom, love, power, integrity and joy for all beings.


(Hudson Valley, New York)

 Cosmal is Ryan Coyle and Alison Lazarus, a Live Music/Art Fusion Duo based out of the Hudson Valley, New York. Combining live looping and ecstatically charged painting, Ryan and Alison create a cutting edge, genre defying live performance that always leaves audiences wanting more. Spanning the realms of Electronic, World, Trip Hop, and Jazz music, this power couple creates a truly unique and moving audio-visual experience.

 Angie Beeler

(Ithaca, New York)

 Angie Beeler (Miss Angie) was born off the grid in rural upstate New York into the cold north country wilderness. The land taught her about patience, about freedom, interdependence, and resilience of community. After volunteering and traveling in South America, Angie settled at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, staying for 12 years working on her brainchild: Miss Angie’s Music. She brings magic, singing, dancing, and gentle creative playfulness into the mix.Angies steeped in the traditions of Folk, Rock, and Americana. She weaves Powerful, beautiful and thought provoking songs.

 Rena Guinn

(Ithaca, New York)

Rena Guinn has a unique sound that is all her own. It’s rooted in the rolling hills of New York where she was born and raised. She grew up listening to old 1950’s rock and roll, doo-wop, blues, soul, psychedelia, old-style country, folk and more. He father was a musician, singer and songwriter and raised her to be an avid listener and connoisseur of real music.

She started weaving her own songs in her teens and began truly walking her musical path in her later twenties. In 2021, she released her debut album, titled Shine. This collection of work includes 5 original songs. Mixing sounds of country, folk, blues and Americana, all running through the same vein of Rena’s unique, sultry vocals and her honest lyrics. This album was produced by Bill Ring and recorded by Chris Ploss at Sunwood Recording in Trumansburg NY. Artist’s who appear on this album include: Doug Henrie, Aaron Lipp, Eric Aceto, Liam Lawson, Zane Seubert, Sam Schmidt, Cap Cooke, Chris Ploss, and Alyssa Duerksen.

Rena Guinn performs locally in the finger lakes region of New York. She currently resides in her little cabin she built, writing songs and working on her next album. She is once again working with her producer and musical mentor, Bill Ring, and many talented musicians to bring forth her full length album, Is This Now?



(Ithaca, New York)

 Muudita is a DJ from Ithaca, NY who will be guiding us though a powerful, rhythmic and heart-centered ecstatic dance flow. She uses a mix of mantra , medicine songs and electronic dance music to open your body and mind to higher states of beinge

Karlee Weaver.jpeg

Adrienne Ellis


Paige Mason

Acadia Otlowski

Alexis Guinn

(Painted Post,NY)
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