Teachers,Workshops,& Performers

We are so excited to be gathering with some of the most empowered wise wombyn in the herbal world, music scene, and collaborative community! Please be patient with us as we are currently still gathering bios and workshop details from our teachers, performers,and facilitators. A BIG thank you to all the wombyn reaching out to support us with the vision- We look forward to celebrating with you all!

Rocio Alcaron

Rocio Alcaròn is renowned and beloved world wide for her caring, loving, and passionate approach to people, plants, and nature. An Ethnopharmacologist, Ethnobotanist, shamanic pratitioner, and extrodinary teacher and healer. Rocio has spent over 35 years working with ethnic groups in the tropical rain forest and Andes Mountains of Ecuador and in the Basque Country, Spain.She owns and operates IAMOE Center on her land in the rainforest where she helps to protect the sacred landscapes of the Amazon and educate people on the importance of the area.
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Maria Krueger
Class:Food as Medicine

Join me as we explore plant medicines and foods to build your kitchen apothecary that will deeply nourish your immune system for the fall and winter months.

Learn some basic recipes,decoctions,infusions and fermentation techniques. We will sample a Chai tea made with herbs and medicinal mushrooms and sample

a Honey garlic ferment.

Maria has had a lifetime interest in plants and nature. She has been practicing herbalism for the past 20 years.

She enjoys making her own plant medicines to share with family and friends. She grows many medicinal plants,

and also loves wildcrafting and foraging on the land she homesteads with her husband.


Maria has studied with the N.E. School of Botanical Medicine, The Herbal Medics Academy and studied and worked for several

years with Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials.

Alcaròn is renowned and beloved world wide for her caring, loving, and passionate approach to people, plants, and nature. An Ethnopharmacologist, Ethnobotanist, shamanic pratitioner, and extrodinary teacher and healer. Rocio has spent over 35 years working with ethnic groups in the tropical rain forest and Andes Mountains of Ecuador and in the Basque Country, Spain.She owns and operates IAMOE Center on her land in the rainforest where she helps to protect the sacred landscapes of the Amazon and educate people on the importance of the area.
Andrea Reisen

Class: Growing Medicinal Herbs and Mushrooms. How to start your own herb farm and herbal medicine enterprise.  With over 30 years of experience, you will learn from the best.  From growing, to product making to marketing herbs, Andrea shares her wealth of knowledge. 


Part 1 for beginners and intermediate growers/ gardeners who want to learn about plant medicine cultivation and to expand their growing capacity and gardens. 

Part 2 for advanced growers/gardeners wanting to take their love of plant medicine to next level and make a livelihood. 

Andrea Reisen is the co-creator of a 30-acre farm is located in the hamlet of Wallace, near Avoca, in the beautiful Finger Lakes of western New York. The farm is a dream come true for her family. 


Their collective goal has always been to live a simple, gentle, fun-filled life on the land, raising a family in harmony with all of creation. They have been blessed to be caretakers of this land since 1982, raising our five children here, and now two of our grandchildren live here with their Mom and Uncle Bill.  We believe by working the land organically and biodynamically, being in rhythm with the land, we are able to harvest the very finest quality, high-energy medicinal herbs. We make teas, tinctures (extracts), salves, creams, infused oils, liniment, and flower essences with these herbs.  Andrea and her husband, Matthias believe- We take care of the land and the land takes care of us."

The plant world offers us an abundant array of gifts allowing us to take ownership of our own healing.  These gifts don’t just apply to our physical selves however,  the healing energy of plants also affects our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.  Plants have been used for centuries to enhance spirituality and our awareness of our connection to all life.  Used properly herbs can become cherished travel companions as you walk your sacred path.


"The plants really do love us. They want to take care of us. They want to help us. They just wait for us to come. They open this store-house of health for us, that we can't even imagine."
                                      -Andrea Reisen

Courtney Noster, M.Ed., LPCC


Class: Movement as Medicine: Eco-Embodiment and Sacred Sensuality


This session will welcome attendees to explore their inner nature and intuitive sensuality in partnership with the other-than-human-world around them. Gathering in a sacred sisterhood circle participants will engage in a brief fireside chat to identify collective and individual challenges that lead to “disembodiment.” Then participants will be led through conscious movement and ecstatic embodiment practices supportive of awakening and enlivening their own soma (body), helping them to “embody” more freely and wildly. After participants activate their mind-body connection Courtney will guide them through a shamanic ecotherapy experience to activate the spirit-earth connection that supports participants in building a relationship with the natural world as an essential foundation to their own inner nature discovery and spiritual development.


Courtney is a nature-loving spiritual medicine practitioner hailing from Lorain, OH. She is a licensed mental health therapist in the state of Ohio and has been practicing in the mental health field for over 10 years. Courtney specializes in ecotherapy, EMDR, developmental trauma healing, and conscious parenting. When she isn’t guiding ecotherapy hikes in the woods she is likely to be found with a guitar in hand, singing loud, and inviting others into the joy of music making. Courtney loves to kayak, anywhere she can drop her boat in, and is especially fond of the Great Lakes Region waterways.


After nearly 5 years of focused ecopsychological self-development work and, most recently, 1.5 years of apprenticing with a practicing Blue Ridge Mountain Shamanic Medicine Woman Courtney began her own spiritual medicine practice called, Inner Nature Discovery. Inner Nature Discovery is a holistic eco-wellness practice devoted to guiding women back to nature, their own intuitive and sensual power, and to widening circles of communal support needed to return to ancient ways of being. Courtney provides 1:1 eco-embodiment coaching to support the awakening woman with somatic integration, development, and restoration of their own inner ecology.

Raven Heart

 Raven Heart is a grief ceremonialist and grief recovery specialist offering workshops, retreats, and 1-on-1 sessions. 

She facilitates earth-based spiritual ceremonies and rituals to honor our grief: to sit with, dance with, breathe with, move with, lie with, communicate with, be with, open to and heal our grief. 

She is trained in the Grief Recovery Method, which offers deep exploration of grief with precise directions and techniques for providing healing and closure as we move through our grief experiences. 

She is a certified shamanic ecotherapy guide, trained in advanced facilitation of 

nature-based spiritual practices through my years of study with Elizabeth E. Meacham, PhD. 

She has trained in ecopsychology and ecological leadership through the year-long Ecological Leadership Program at Lake Erie Institute, in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more about my work at: TheWeightofHerWings.com

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Debbie Biltonen


2 Part Class: The Golden Answer-Explore the amazing world of Goldenrod, an herb with much more healing power than you ever knew. Did you know that Goldenrod has 7 times the antioxidant levels of green tea? Come learn about its abilities to ameliorate allergy symptoms, support the urinary system, and soothe pain.  And that’s just for starters.


The Alchemy of Extraction
We are surrounded by countless generous plants who provide us with the gift to heal, nourish and support our bodies. Let’s learn when and how to harvest and how to make medicine so we can better take care of ourselves, family, and friends. Everyone will get the opportunity to harvest and process an herb to take home. $2 donations for materials are welcome. Beginner

For over 30 years, Debbie has devoted her adult life to sharing her knowledge of the natural world and it’s magical alchemy by teaching environmental education programs in New York, Maine and Georgia, classes, workshops, her blog “I Just Gotta Share,” and simply talking with anyone curious about nature. Her love and wonder of the natural world and how we can harness its magic shines through in everything she does.

Her passion and curiosity for the natural world started as a child wandering her family’s land with her dog, foraging berries, and making tea from Black Birch stems. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge started her journey to formalize her education through field biology courses, living with and learning the cultural ecology of the Arawak people in Guyana, an apprenticeship at Heartstone Herbal School, to Ecuador with Rocío Alarcón on her ancestral land, as well as attending numerous herbal conferences, workshops, and of course never-ending herbal studies.

Debbie co-owns Know Your Roots, with her husband, Mike, providing classes and consultations along with a product line created from the herbs that grow on their land. She is a lifelong tree hugger and earth worshiper who believes sharing wisdom is paramount to a healthy and thriving community.

Lindsey Marie Whited

Elizabeth E Meacham

2 Part Class: Spirits of the Land: A Shamanic Ecotherapy Singing and Dancing Ceremony

In this body/earth (very interactive!) healing ceremony, we will discuss and practice ways to connect with spirits of the land through earth-based rituals, singing, drumming, dancing and shamanic journeying. We will move through a ritual series together that you can take home with you to do for and with your own land: city, country, town, or wherever you make your home, the Earth is always where we are and ripe for tending. The practices I will teach support deep personal wellness, and are also a form of spiritual activism for healing the human/Earth relationship. And, they are wildly fun and beautiful! I look forward to sharing an embodied, sacred, spirit-filled, earth-honoring circle together.

Elizabeth E. Meacham, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized environmental philosopher, spiritual ecologist, author, teacher, shamanic practitioner and musician. Liz is the author of Earth Spirit Dreaming: Shamanic Ecotherapy Practices (Findhorn Press/Inner Traditions, February 2020), and is the originator of the cross-disciplinary practice of “shamanic ecotherapy,” which she teaches nationally and internationally in workshops, retreats, and training programs. She is the founder of the Lake Erie Institute for Holistic Environmental Education, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her workshops and training programs offer initiatory experiences that reflect her long-term engagement as a student of the Earth and Cosmos. Learn more about her work at: ShamanicEcotherapy.com

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Serenna L. McCloud

Class: Serenna is offering a hands-on course in hot process soap craft where attendees will learn the rudiments of hot process and leave with a ready to use bar of amazingly invigorating and refreshing soap.

Serenna L. McCloud is a native Ithacan, mother of two boys, herbalist, gardener, soapmaker and local attorney practicing in the areas of real estate, trusts and estates, and business law.  Her soap company is called IHW Soapcraft. She is a long-time practitioner of Kundalini yoga and meditation.  Serenna’s healing journey also has included ecstatic dance at the Foundation of Light.  She is very proud to count herself among those in the lineage of Rosemary Gladstar through her completion of an herbalism apprenticeship with Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials. 

Tammy Huckabone

Class: Morning Plant Walk, identifying plants and discussing their uses. Q&A platform. 

Herbs for dogs: Learn plant medicine that can help mans best friend

Tammy Huckabone is an herbalist, teacher, writer, animal lover and adventurer, who splits her time between the Adirondack Mountains and sunny Florida. Tammy’s herbal path began when she was a young woman first inspired by her Mom with MS and a kitty with FIV. She is grateful for training under phenomenal plant and spiritual teachers. She loves connecting people and animals to plants in sickness and in health.

Marcy Stewart Little

Class 1:Women's Empowerment Yoga Class

Class 2:Generational Cultural Healing In Our Bodies

Kara Timmins


Kara, the clinical herbalist at Herbal Care Rap, has a deep history and love of working with herbs. First introduced to wild herbs in the meadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico over 20 years ago, she began eating wild foods, identifying and gathering medicinal herbs.  From these initial experiences, a lifelong herbalist was born! She has apprenticed with several herbalists and organic growers across the US and Canada including The National Center for Preservation of Native Medicinal Herbs in Rutland, Ohio where she studied endangered (at risk) native medicinal herbs.  She completed a 4-year Clinical Herbalist program at Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, Canada with over 500 clinic hours working in herbal consultation clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto.  

Following a desire to truly understand human physiology and then pathology she continued her studies, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Master’s Degree in Science as a Physician Assistant, both at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.  Since graduating she has worked at a hospital in Syracuse with multiple physicians and surgeons covering Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic, and Vascular Surgery services. Currently, she works as a health care provider at Cornell University. She organized an Herbal Pharmacy at the Cornell Health Pharmacy with local herbal tea blends promoting nutritive support and health of students. She offers herbal education opportunities for students, staff, and faculty at Cornell University. She has also worked with Dr. Nasri Ghaly at an integrative psychiatric practice in Syracuse, NY specializing in herbal therapeutics, vitamin deficiencies, and lifestyle changes as an integrative approach to mental health.  In October 2011 she created ApotheKara, an herbal apothecary and herbal care consultant services in Ithaca, NY. She offered the community the highest quality local herbs, exotic herbal blends, and teas but closed the doors to the in-person apothecary in 2013. She specializes in herbal health care, education, and consultation and continues private consultation services. She utilizes her knowledge in both medical and herbal pharmacology, herbal therapeutics, and herbs as nutrients to treat each client with a unique approach specific to their needs and desires.  She has a solid understanding of both western medicine and herbal therapy. Herbs hold ancient nutrients when introduced into the body may create profound support of the body system or organs in need of care; giving daily nourishment to attain vitality and health. Herbs are the ancient food group! Kara feels local plants provide the highest quality herbal therapeutics and also hopes to keep local economies thriving through initiatives to help people become herbal growers.

Liz Skinner

Class: Beginner-Wire Wrapping

Andrea Rose



Andrea Rose owns and operates Honey Rose Botanicals, a sustainable skincare & herbal remedy business located on the outskirts of Philadelphia. She is a community herbalist & educator who creates low waste, nourishing remedies with fresh garden grown or wild foraged botanicals and sustainably sourced ingredients.Her mission is to reconnect people with plants while honoring the cycles of the seasons and inspiring people to leave no trace.

Hillary Kimball

Class: Jade Egg


Kaylie Kim

Class  1 "Embody, Empower Yoga Class"


- focusing on body awareness in yoga practice for embodiment experience. The guidance will include gentle breathwork, stretches, asanas, and relaxation. The class is intended to increase body awareness and stimulate the interoceptive part of the brain. Gentle, earthy, restorative. 

Class 2 

POWER VINYASA FUN FLOW for EMPOWERMENT (Some yoga experience will be awesome, 1 hour)

- focusing on pushing the boundaries and having moments of empowerment through the vigorous power yoga practice. The class will be designed for the fun flow aiming for the cathartic feeling after. Fun, empowering, sweaty!


200-RYT certified yoga teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and an aerial yoga teacher certified at Antigravity Lab. She is trained for TCTSY (Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga) by David Emerson and Jenn Turner of JRI. She is also certified for Five Element Yoga by Jennifer Reis and Nidra for deeper relaxation. She is working toward 500-RYT and therapeutic yoga professional.

Her yoga style is based on Hatha combining various elements of other styles of yoga such as vinyasa, yin, trauma-informed. She also focuses on the embodiment experience of physical movement and the increase in awareness of the doorway to transformation for each individual's unique need. She customizes the practice for the individual or the group and loves to integrate all forms of physical activities into yoga in a beneficial way. She views yoga practice as a living experience rather than a goal to be achieved. She is also interested in Jungian psychology and currently in training for Jungian psychoanalysts. 

Rochelle Baca

Class:Sacred Plant Medicine

Nicolette Hallock



Nicolette considers herself to be a "Jack of all trades,a master of none, but often times better than a master of one." She has dabbled in many different paths through out the years, but always being led back to working with the Sacred Cannabis plant. She has intertwined her worlds in many different ways, her latest being TRŪ ALKEMÈ a CBD company that formulates blends using home grown hemp and other medicinal herbs from her farm. She believes in whole body,mind,spirit healing and sets that intention in all she creates. 

Nicolette is the owner of Full Spectrum Farm and Eagle Breeze homestead and runs a bed and breakfast where people can experience alternative ways of living. She considers herself to be a visionary that weaves the web between the worlds and a renegade that continuously goes against the norm and status quo to create a reality outside of the matrix and to pave a path of spiritual abundance for her daughter Fern.


In 2012 Nicolette attended Heart Stone Herbal Essentials and from there continued her education with many other teachers. Nicolette gives major credit to her teacher,friend,and soul sister Kara Timmins for bringing her into the herbal world and Rocio Alcaròn for always being there to guide her through the spirit realms and teaching her the healing traditions of her landscape. 

Sandy Gypsy Truth

Class: Beginner-Intermediate Yoga Classes Through Out The Weekend

Sandy has been practicing yoga for seven years. She started on this pathway as a tool to help her recover postpartum and to help her heal from PTSD. During this journey, as she has incorporated yogic ways into her daily life, she has found more than she could have hoped for! Finding self-love, mindfulness, and a deeper connection with what speaks to her heart, Sandy continues on her journey to help empower and envoke self-love and healing in others; she desires that everyone learns to find peace and tranquility through letting go and embracing the warrior within for the good of love and light.

Sandy is a certified advanced 500

Hour yoga teacher specializing in vinyasa , kundalini , trauma informed , lunar wisdom , enneagram, and power yoga. She is also a certified reiki master, licensed cosmetologist, certified in botanical medicine. She offers herbal first aid and support for those suffering from emotional trauma, is an advocate for awareness in domestic violence and the owner and creator of For Claudia's Sayke herbal skin care , and leather clothing company of “Alien Ambassadors”

Sandy offers an array of services as she travels to music festivals , her home town yoga studio at Keuka peaceful roots and private sessions . She also is a proud mother of four children whom three she homeschools and her oldest claudias that has blessed her with a granddaughter Evellan Sparrow .

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 10.13_edited.jpg
Neko Three Sixty

Class: SUNDAY:Sexual Empowerment-Embracing pleasure and releasing shame. Learning how to embody pleasure with in ourselves

Neko Three Sixty is a multi-faceted diamond witch devoted to the path of the alchemical marriage; where our opposites (like pain and pleasure, good and evil, separate and oneness) are equally held with divine reverence, so that our suffering within and without may be transmuted into gratitude, deep learning, playful awareness and magic in action! 

She has decades (and lifetimes) of experience and deeply studied and practiced Tantrika, RYT-1000 yoga teacher, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Herbalist, Tarot + Astrology, and Psychic healer. 

For more info on what services, classes and events she offers go to nekothreesixty.com

Lyndsey Stropkey

Class: SATURDAY:Beginner-Intermediate Yoga Class


             Ayurvedic Medicine and How It Relates To Yoga

SUNDAY:Chakra & Reiki Attunement

Lyndsey Stropkey-Thai Massage/Reiki Master/E-RYT 500/Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider 

    Lyndsey has been practicing yoga since she was in her late teens, and has been teaching yoga for the last 13 years.  She came into the practice seeking physical fitness health, and also discovered a world of emotional and spiritual healing.  

In 2008, she spent a transformational month at the Kripalu Center and received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification, going back shortly after to become a Yoga Dance instructor as well.  Music and dance have always been important healing practices for her.

      She kept soaking up knowledge in the years to come, getting trained in Thai Yoga massage, Pilates, and all three degrees of  Tibetan/Usui Reiki.

    Reiki became a life changing path of self -healing, and Lyndsey went on to apprentice with her Reiki Master, become a Reiki teacher, and develop her own unique reiki manual and curriculum.  Over the last 12 years of practicing, her Thai and Reiki treatments have naturally morphed intuitive healing sessions that may include Reiki, acupressure, massage, shamanism, and sound healing.

She continued to further her studies at Kripalu and was introduced to yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda.  She completed her 500 hours of yoga teacher training in 2017, and is on her way to holding a “Kripalu Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher” certification as well.  

    In 2020, right before the world shut down, Lyndsey was accepted as an assistant teacher at Kripalu, and returned there for a month to help others on their journey to becoming yoga teachers themselves!  

She offers yoga and Reiki certifications, Ayurvedic workshops,  private yoga, Thai massage, and intuitive energy work sessions, as well as yoga dance and Pilates.

You can also find her and her Omies at music festivals teaching classes, offering healing, and coordinating workshops at music fests with her organization, OmBase.

    Lyndsey has a BA in music from Hiram College and loves to share musical medicine with her sweetheart, John Welton through yoga and live music, mantra practices, and their band, John Welton & The Awakening.

Donnia Anastasia

Class:  Instructing and demonstrating how to create a simple but profound healing salve and discussing Ayurveda along the way. Each person will go home with at least 1, possibly 2 tubes of healing salve. 

Writing a bio is hard. Lets get that out of the way now. I live a quiet, simple life, off-grid with my husband and pup. What i do is who i am, the two are not separate. Over the course of 3 decades, I practice the Art of Living, through Ayurveda, manual therapies and wild herbalism. Its very messy and very imperfect.  I practice these things daily, as i am certain there is more i do not know than actually know. All i know for certain, is that if it makes sense via my senses and intuition, then it will find its way to me and catch hold.
I believe learning everyday is important and that practicing everyday is just as important.
Because of this (and although i hold dozens of them in the healing and graphic arts) i do not believe certificates and licenses define us and so, call me Donnia Anastasia. That is who i am. I am honored to be a part of this gathering.




Dame's Rocket is an earthy female-folk duo that features Alyssa Duerksen and Jaclyn Marie.  Stemming from diverse backgrounds as long term musicians and healers, they weave multiple instruments, rich harmonies and high vibrational sound healing into their original folk music to ignite energy and soothe the soul. 

Offering:Henna & Performing Belly Dancing & Fire Fans


Paige Mason is a multi-disciplinary artist who weaves a common thread of nature-inspired visual interest through her work. As a fusion belly dancer for over a decade, the ever-evolving dance style has inspired Paige to find healing in the spiralic nature of growth and evolution. Always finding joy in new ways to connect to a broader community, she finds sharing her feelings through the arts to be a blazing path to authentic relating. Paige considers dance, performance art, headdress creation, natural henna/jagua body art and floral design to be the main modalities in which she offers her heart into the world and she delights in the infinite ways her different artforms relate to each other. For example, using her love of floral design to inform the flow in her headdresses or utilizing inspiration from nature like the "turning of the wheel" to create dances as well as henna/jagua designs. All the disciplines weave in and out of each other all with a common thread of love, authentic relating and soul expansion. Paige's main mission in this incarnation is to find and share as much joy as she can by exploring the world of art and beauty with others while keeping the delightful golden tether to divinity shining brightly..