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Weekend Schedule

A Gathering  Of the Multitude of Ways Women Heal.

 A Weekend Dedicated To Plants, Music, Dance, Energy, Nutrition, Ceremony, Culture, Women,

And All Those Who Identify As A Woman or A Feminine Spirit.

A Place To Gather  And Cultivate Connections. 

We Will Not Be Printing & Handing Out Schedules This Year! Please Keep That In Mind & Be Prepared- You Can Either Print Out The Schedule At Home,Take Screen Shots To Have Saved On Your Phone-We Will Have Schedules Taped Up Around The Grounds As Well.


All Genders Welcome Thursday For Drumming Intensives and Ecstatic Dance

All Genders Welcome Thursday 


Some men will be presenting at The Blanket Exercise.
Opening Circle and the rest of the gathering will be for Women, Femme Identities and Those Identify with the Feminine Spirit.

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Due to heavy rains there may be wet areas on the property, please come prepared. The walking path from the parking to camping area may be wet & muddy, if that is the case use the road to walk up after parking. You can drop your camping gear off at registration before heading to the parking area. Registration is on Fish Road, but the parking is on Rothermich Road. 

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